How to read Bass tabs

 Bass tablature (or short Bass Tab) it is the best way learn 
favourite songs for those people who don't know special
musical notation.

Strings in Bass Tab

Bass tab shows the strings of the bass drawn horizontally. 
The number of strings (horizontal lines) will depend on whether
more strings are required to play the song.

G |----------------------------
D |----------------------------
A |----------------------------
E |----------------------------

The bass strings are drawn with the lowest-pitched string at the
bottom. Standard bass tuning from lowest to highest is E-A-D-G.
Some music will require a different tuning or more strings, but the 
perspective stays the same with the lowest (fattest) string at the bottom.

Fret Numbers in Bass Tab

Unlike the spesial music notation in bass tab,you plaing by fret number

not by notes.
The fret number is written on the string on which note is played.

In this example you are to play the 3rd fret on the E-string followed by the

2nd fret on the A-string, then the 5th fret on the A-string, and finally the

5th fret on the D-string.

In the below example you should play open E strings three times, then put

your finger behind the 2nd fret on A string and play this note 3 times too

G |-------------------------------
D |-------------------------------
A |--------------2--2--2----------
E |----0--0--0--------------------

Bass Tablature Symbols :

The numbers don’t really describe the subtle techniques that a guitarist 
can execute, these are the tablature symbols that represent various